MargotCo-director and Administrative Manager

    Administration and accounting – Integrated Project Management. Administrative Manager since 2019

    “The position that I occupy in the company can be held in any company in another sector, but I have to admit that tourism is more active, social and certainly cultural. On a personal level, whether it’s because I love dealing with people, traveling or World History itself, this work leads me to get involved and empathize with clients at a level of total familiarity. Hence, our main objective is the quality of our work and not the quantity. The main motivation is to transmit everything that makes Galicia be as it is, its traditions, its gastronomy, its cultural peculiarities and, of course, its history. For this reason, among all of us who make up the team at WALKIN & EATIN GALICIA, our most common point is our passion and love for this land and thus we transmit it.

    Having lived abroad for many years and traveled far and wide for work reasons, Galicia occupies my heart. Call it “morriña” or call it “homesickness” but to particularly choose a specific place makes it difficult for me to reach the conclusion of which City or Town of Galicia is the one of my predilection…. Each place or corner has its own particularity that does not escape the Galician charm. Could this be a “meigas” enchantment spell? Having to choose, well, I choose the small peninsula situated in front of the Tower of Hercules in A Coruña, on the other side of the bay, the area of the Faro de Mera and Seixo Branco in the Council of Oleiros. Where the ocean abruptly meets land. Where you can behold the power and beauty of Nature at its best”.