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What is a Escape City Game?

One of the first images that comes to mind when we think of A Coruña is perhaps its Tower of Hercules, at the foot of an incomparable landscape, or its gastronomy. From Walkin & Eatin Galicia we propose you to live an exciting and enriching adventure, which will make those images part of it, as it runs through the streets, squares and promenades of the beautiful city of A Coruña.

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy this city from a totally new and original perspective, by becoming the setting for a large escape room, which will allow us to see this city with new eyes. Traditional escapism games have evolved with urban escapism, a modality that eliminates the spatial limitations of a room but preserves all the fun that a regular escape room offers.

We converted A Coruña so that you can enjoy some of the best attractions that this city offers and a history full of emotion.

The Spear of Destiny or also known as the “Lanza de Longinos” could be hidden somewhere in the city of A Coruña. Legend has it that he has divine powers and that everyone who possesses it will win every battle he faces. For this reason, it has been the object of desire by great political leaders throughout history.

In this new Escape City Box adventure, you must help Sarah Levi, a young university student who has been on the trail of this and other relics linked to Jesus Christ for years. You will also have the advice of Bosco, our most faithful informant, who will update you on everything.

Will you be able to discover where the holy spear is?

The Assassin of the mask is an Urban Escape Room lasting approximately two hours that is played through the streets of A Coruña through a mobile app and with the help of the materials found inside the Escape City Box.

The first escape room to play as if it were a first person movie. Throughout the game you will discover the story through videos that will be shown in the Escape City Box app.

You must catch a serial killer who has been terrorizing A Coruña for weeks. This psychopath is dedicated to posting photos and videos of his atrocities on social networks to create more media hype.

Are you ready to catch the most wanted serial killer of recent times?