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What is a Escape City Game?

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of A Coruña is the Tower of Hercules, against the background of an unbeatable landscape, or perhaps its gastronomy. Walkin & Eatin Galicia gives you the opportunity to experience an exciting and enriching adventure that combines the best attractions of this outstanding city, as it runs through the streets, squares and promenades of A Coruña.

We offer you the chance to explore the city in an unusual and original way, as it will become a huge escape “room”, allowing you to see it in a different light. Traditional escape games have paved the way for these urban escape games, a modality that gets rid of the limitations of a room while preserving the same exciting atmosphere of a conventional escape room.

We have reinvented A Coruña for you to enjoy some of the best attractions in the city while staring an intricate storyline.

The Spear of Destiny, also known as the “Spear of Longinus”, could be hidden somewhere in the city of A Coruña. Legend has it that it’s got divine powers and the one who owns it will win every forthcoming battle. For this reason, it has been coveted by great leaders around the world for centuries.

In this new Escape City Box adventure, you will be helping Sarah Levi, a young university student who has been on the trail of this and other relics linked to Jesus Christ for years. You will also have the advice of Bosco, our most faithful informant, who will update you on whatever comes about.


Are you ready to discover where the Spear of Destiny is?

The Murderer of the Mask is a 2-hour Urban Escape Room played in the streets of A Coruña. All you need is a phone app and the help of the materials found inside the Escape City Box.

This is the first City Escape Room that you get to play as if you were immersed in an actual film. The Escape City Box app will provide you with videos that will allow you to discover the whole story.

Your goal is to catch a serial killer who has spread terror across the city in the past weeks. This dreadful psychopath makes use of social media to post pictures and videos of his atrocities and cause constant stir.


Are you ready to go after the most wanted serial killer of recent times?