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If you don’t have much time, or if you want to discover A Coruña in a more personalized way...

we can organize a private tour for you. We can adapt the tour to your needs and schedules. Discover the history and culture of the City of Crystal from the hand of our licensed guides.

A Coruña is rich with history which we are sure will surprise you. We can discover this history through its people, streets, monuments and through its surrounding ocean. The peninsula on which the city is located makes it smell of sea everywhere and it was a key element in defining the history and character of the people of A Coruña. On the one hand we enjoy the calm of the estuary of A Coruña, on the other side of the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

You cannot visit A Coruña and not know who Maria Pita was. Her history and that of other major figures will be discovered through our tours, as well as the legends that cloak this city baptized as the “City in which no one is a stranger”.

The city’s layout allows us to perform chronological visits. The old town, known as Ciudad Vieja, takes us back to the past through its cobbled streets, charming squares and churches full of history that present some of the key characters in the life of A Coruña.



Through its architecture we’ll learn why the city was baptized as the City of Cristal.

Its port is considered one of the most important in Spain in terms of unloading fresh fish and seafood. This city not only represents the entrance of goods, but it also witnessed sorrow and sad farewells during the Galician emigration to America , the starting point of one of the first and most important humanitarian missions in the world. Mission that many are unaware that it even took place.



The downtown area connects the Old City with the Ensanche area, through its popular Calle Real. The Ensanche area is characterized by its hectic commercial life and by the beauty of the architectural modernist buildings that transport us to a more actual stage of evolution.

La Torre is located at a breathtaking setting. Right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and so having sense the name given o the place of “The Balcony to the Atlantic Ocean”. It is surrounded by a fascinating sculptural set of over more than fifteen artistic works sculpted by contemporary Galician artists. We will take a stroll through the paths of this park that lead us to the different sculptures. These trails are fully in a natural environment, with an autochthonous flora of great ecological value. The sculptures’ theme revolves around mythological stories and legends with reference to sea life and navigation, elements that take us to the seafaring vocation of the Galician people.

The City’s symbol is the Tower of Hercules, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2009. Recognized to be the most ancient lighthouse that remains in operation built by the Romans. La Torre is located at a breathtaking setting surrounded by a fascinating sculptural set of artistic works sculpted by contemporary Galician artists. The sculptures’ relate myths, legends and history that bond this city with the sea.

We will make a panoramic view of the city, or we will focus on the part you want to know more about. Discover the history and culture of the City of Crystal from the hand of our officially licensed guides.

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