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Meeting Point

María Pita Square
Look for the Blue Umbrella

Starting hour

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
20.30 H Spanish


1.30 hours tour


9€ General
5€ Under 14

At the “magic hour” of twilight we propose a night tour of A Coruña’s important figures and legends.

Our meeting point will be at the foot of our heroine’s statue, Maria Pita. With this Coruñesa’s (the woman from A Coruña) determination we will enter the historic city center. At the foot of her house we will relate the crucial role that this woman had in A Coruña’s history.

Sunset will be the perfect setting to discover some of the legends and major figures that grew up in this city.

The tour goes on through cobbled streets, churches and cozy squares that evoke interesting stories.


Under the protection of the Plaza de las Bárbaras we will talk about one of the most representative elements of the Galician iconography, the “cruceiros”. What do they hide? What did the Holy Company represent?

The names of the streets will also reveal what professional trades and celebrities lived there. As well as sections of the English Way that so many pilgrims took to reach Santiago.

Where did those pilgrims come from?

How did this path of The Way affect the development of the city?

We will talk about the Bouzas miracle.

We will discover the influence they had on the Spanish society of the 19th century, such as Emilia Pardo Bazán, Juana de Vega or Rosalía de Castro, and we will clarify why Galicia is a land of legends.

Coruñesas such as Emilia Pardo Bazán, Juana de Vega or Rosalía de Castro, women that heavily influenced the 19th Century Spanish Society. We’ll find out in what way.

In conclusion, why Galicia is land of legends will be answered.