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Breogan Statue, acces to the Tower
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2 hours tour


12€ General
6€ Under 14

If you are in A Coruña, a visit to the Tower of Hercules is a must and what better option than our tours to discover the history of this Roman lighthouse.

Let us share with the you the history of the only lighthouse that has been lighting up Humanity for almost 2000 years.

We cannot refer to the city without mentioning its lighthouse, an omnipresent icon in all the elements of the City of A Coruña.

The Tower of Hercules was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2009. It is the only lighthouse that remains in operation since the Romans. Until today it continues to light 32 miles offshore to help sailors reach safe harbor, as it has been doing since the old days.

But, was it Hercules or the Romans who ordered the construction of this Tower?

The answer will be revealed during the visit. A historical tour of the monument from its construction to present times.


During the tour we will not access the Monument. Instead of climbing the 234 steps we will save our strengths to discover the natural habitat that surrounds the Tower of Hercules. which today continues to light 32 miles offshore to help the sailors reach good port, as it has been doing for over in the old days.

La Torre is located at a breathtaking setting. Right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and so having sense the name given o the place of “The Balcony to the Atlantic Ocean”. It is surrounded by a fascinating sculptural set of over more than fifteen artistic works sculpted by contemporary Galician artists. We will take a stroll through the paths of this park that lead us to the different sculptures. These trails are fully in a natural environment, with an autochthonous flora of great ecological value. The sculptures’ theme revolves around mythological stories and legends with reference to sea life and navigation, elements that take us to the seafaring vocation of the Galician people.



Have you ever walked over a compass rose?

You’ll be able to do it during the tour and learn the significance of the Celtic elements that illustrate the different directions of this particularly giant wind rose.

No wonder the Tower is presented as the best testimony of A Coruña’s history. Standing in the frontline of infamous historic episodes such as Civil War shootings or witnessing tragic shipwrecks without being able to do anything about it. We can show you where these and other events took place.